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Student Affairs and Services: Student Rights
The institution publishes a clear and appropriate statement of student rights and responsibilities and disseminates the statement to the campus community.

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Northeast Mississippi Community College publishes a clear and appropriate statement of student’s rights and responsibilities in the form of the Northeast Student Handbook (Northeast Student Handbook 2008-2009). This is a comprehensive document that provides students with information concerning student services, contact information for services, rules and regulations, and the student code of conduct. The student handbook also explains the disciplinary process and all complaint/grievance procedures for students (Northeast Student Handbook 2008–2009, 42-55).

The Dean of Student Services is responsible for the publication, dissemination, and enforcement of student services policies of the College and compliance with related federal and state laws. The Dean of Student Services is assisted in this process by the Director of Event Planning and Residential Housing, Associate Dean of Student Services/Enrollment Services, Associate Dean of Student Services/Student Activities, Financial Aid Director, Director of Guidance and Counseling, and Chief of Campus Law Enforcement (Northeast Procedures Manual 2008–2009, Appendix P3). Student Services personnel disseminates the student handbook to incoming freshmen during orientation each year. A copy is provided to each resident hall student every year and is available on the Northeast website  (Northeast Publications Webpage). Additional copies are available to students upon request in the Dean of Student Services’ office. Disability support is addressed in the student handbook along with the Equal Opportunity Compliance Policy (Northeast Student Handbook 2008-2009, 39, 72).

Faculty members are informed of students’ rights through the Northeast Procedures Manual, which contains a section addressing students' academic rights and responsibilities. Topics covered include management of student records, student privacy, student intellectual property rights, class attendance, student conduct and discipline in the classroom (Northeast Procedures Manual 2008-2009, 73-81).  Faculty and staff members are given a Northeast Student Handbook at the beginning of each school year.

Northeast's student catalog is distributed to high schools, parents, and students. It is available in hard copy, electronically, and online. The student catalog addresses privacy rights, civil rights, admission policies, academic regulations, student services, financial aid responsibilities, graduation requirements, financial responsibilities, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (Northeast Student Catalog 2008–2009, 11-70).

Northeast publishes a brochure, Campus Law Enforcement 2008-2009, which is distributed to students, faculty and staff each year in compliance with the Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Law Enforcement Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990. The brochure provides information to the Northeast community about campus law enforcement, safety tips, and procedures for reporting crimes or emergencies on campus. Statistical data on campus crime is provided for a three-year period. These statistics and the Northeast documents referenced are available on the Northeast website (Campus Law Enforcement 2008-2009; Campus Law Enforcement Webpage).

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